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5 Strangest People in the World, Number 5 Makes You Really Gawk!

INCREINDO - Everyone who lives on earth has an average life of the same, eats, sleeps, bathes, talks, works, and socializes, but when it comes to behavior, character or traits, of course, there are even the strangest people in the world.

Yes, some people in this world do have an unusual life, much like the lives of people in general.

Curious about who and what kind of idiosyncrasies these people have? Here's a summary released from Wonderslist.

1. Ngoc – 30 years without sleep

Ngoc is an insomniac in Vietnam. He had not slept at all for about 30 years. But strangely he can move almost the same as most people in general. He was able to do jobs such as farming. Although he looks healthy, he has physical and emotional health problems.

2. Lal Bihari – 19 years struggling to prove he is still alive

Still alive but declared dead by the Indian government. The man from Uttar Pradesh knew he was declared dead when he applied for the loan, but according to government records he was long dead.

3. Mehran Karimi Nasseri – Lives at the Airport since 1988

The Iranian refugee known as Mehran Karimi Nasseri has lived at the airport since 1988. This man has already established his permanent residence at Charles de Gaulle airport. Even a film called Terminal adopts a story from the story of Mehran who has no choice but to stay there for who knows how long.

4. Yoshiro Nakamatsu – Photographing food for 34 Years

Yoshiro Nakamatsu proves nothing can beat his enthusiasm for photographing food. For 34 years, he decided to photograph all the food eaten for rigorous analysis. He made sure the food that was photographed was well analyzed - weird, huh?

5. Michel Lotito - Man who eats everything

Michel Lotito is a Hungarian born person who eats anything. He can eat metal, rubber, and anything. Surprisingly Lotito was still alive. He eats not only cars and bicycles but also planes. Despite having a strange diet, he never fell seriously ill.