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kamen rider zero one/zero two- kamen rider ichigou and nigou ( grasshopper motif/ slight design changes from 01-02)

kamen rider saber- kamen rider X ( saber's helmet design and transformation has letter X design..also.. both rider use primary weapon when they fight

KAMEN RIDER REVICE- RIDER MAN AND KAMEN RIDER V3 (riderman and revice helmet design has mouth and in v3's series show riderman and v3 are partners


There are three types of writing systems in Japanese: Hiragana for Japanese words, Katakana to spell foreign words, and Kanji. My question is, was it really spelled as Revi? I checked a Katakana chart and the first name was literary spelled as "ri-ba-i" or "Levi" if spelled in English (the red one), while the second name is spelled as "ba-i-su" which is spelled as "Vice" in English (the blue one). I'm just bringing this up because maybe some of us may mistake on pronouncing their name in the future.

If I'm right, then the pronunciation of the name is "Levi" (Lee-vai) and not "Revi" (Re-vee). I'm not saying that "Revi" is totally misspelled, I'm just asking whether the name was "really" spelled as REVI or LEVI since the letter "L" in Japanese is commonly pronounced as letter "R" (i.e: "Lime" = "Ra-i-mu" if spelled in Katakana).

I'm not looking for an argument tho. I'm just asking and to also inform the other members here in this group who doesn't know about these information.


Ikki Igarashi as Maeda Kentaro

For demon vice will be voice acted by Kimura Subaru

These are casts for Revice idk the other name but the it said the boy next to the girl is Revice brother I think and the girl is his younger sister

We have to wait until the 5th of September to get the result.