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Kamen Rider Ghost Evolution


With Saber getting a Crossover form with Zenkaiser (Maybe the name Kamen Rider Zenkai Saber would work well :P), I feel like he's going to fit well in action with:

1. Goriders: Both are Crossover power-ups of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, with Saber as the Extra Rider of the team. Plus, his stripes' colors fit really well with them.

2. Ghost Heisei Damashii: Both are amalgamations of their predecessors' powers, with Saber also having Super Sentai, as depicted in their respective trinkets. They're also obviously from the same writer., And Heisei Damashii is one of my favorites.

Who knows if there are still more that Super Hero Senki have in store. They really need to boost up the fanservices if they're going to succeed.