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6 Ways to Track Lost HP in Off & On State

INCREINDO - For you Friend, Have you ever lost HP/Handphone?  If you have, you must be confused about how to find a lost smartphone, especially if it is dead.  Then how to track a lost cellphone in a dead state?  Can a cell phone that was lost because it was dropped or stolen be recovered?

 You can track it via another cellphone, it can be via GPS, it can also be by using an Android tracking application called Find My Device.  Of course, these methods will only be useful for Android phones.  Then, what are the ways to track a lost cellphone that can be done?

 Smartphones that are turned off are the worst conditions in how to track a lost cellphone.  But don't worry, there are several ways to track a lost cellphone that is dead.  Well, this time Qoala has summarized various ways to track a lost smartphone, whether on or off, that you can do.

How to Track Lost Cellphones with Email

Email is one way that can be used to track a lost cellphone that is turned off, especially an OS or Android smartphone.  Previously, make sure the email used is the same as the email that was on the lost cellphone.  From the email, we can do HP tracking.

 How to track a lost cellphone that is dead with email is actually one of the features of Google which is the Android operating system.  There are several steps in how to track a lost cellphone by email.  Check out the points below to be able to do how to track a lost cellphone by email :

 Type the name of the email installed on the missing cellphone on the gmail website page, it is recommended to use a laptop for searching.  After that then click next.

 Enter the email password and click next.

 After successfully logging in, select the icon with nine dots on the top right.

 Then sign in to your Google Account (Google Account) and scroll down

 Then select the 'Find Your Phone' option

 Then select the lost cellphone provided by Google.

 Then select the 'Find' option

 Then we will be redirected to Google Maps and show the whereabouts of our cellphones.

 To do how to track a lost cellphone with this email, we need a device that has a full battery charge.  Because this method of tracking a lost cellphone consumes a lot of battery power.

Tracking HP with Google Maps

 If the way to track a lost cellphone with the email above will eventually be directed to Google Maps, then we can search for a lost cellphone that is dead by directly using Google Maps.  In Google Maps there are features, namely My Location, Driving Direction, Business Listing and other features that can be used to track cellphones.  

Here's how to track Android with Maps:

 First, open the Google Maps application.

 Then select the setting, then click 'Share Location'

 Choose the tracking time, it can be an hour or the estimated time of loss.

 Then select 'People' then fill in the email address and cellphone number attached to the lost cellphone.

 Then click on 'Share' and click on 'Activate'.

 Wait for 24 hours and the location of the lost cellphone will be visible and tracked.

 There are other options in how to track a lost cell phone that is turned off that can be done.  Let's see the discussion below.

 How to Track Lost Android Using Google ADM

 Google ADM or (Android Device Manager) is a free application and a default application provided by Google which has the main function of detecting the presence of a lost cellphone.  The condition is one, as long as the destination cellphone always activates GPS.  In addition, tracking using Google ADM can be done only for cellphones that use the Android operating system.  Here are the steps and ways that can be done:

 We can use other gadgets or laptops to login to ADM by using a Google account to login.

 After entering the gmail ID and password, click accept

 Then we will see the name of the smartphone that is connected to the email address used.  Click the name of the lost smartphone or cellphone.

 Will come out where the lost HP is.

 If ADM does not appear, it is possible that the HP has a problem or is completely dead with a damaged system.  The use of this method is not as effective as using Google Maps in how to track a lost cellphone.

 In addition to using the steps above, there are several other ways that can be done to track HP while it is alive.  Starting from how to track a lost cellphone with another cellphone, how to track a lost cellphone via WA and how to track a lost cellphone with a cellphone number, along with other ways you can do it.  Come on, let's just look at the discussion.

 How to Track Lost HP Via WA(Whatapps)

 Another alternative way that can be done is to use the WhatsApp application, or often abbreviated as WA.  Doing how to track a lost cellphone via WA can be done by following the steps below :

 First open the Whatsapp application, then look for the contact or WA number that is being searched for.  Click the contact you want to search for, and go to the speech bubble or chat room.

 Then click the attachment icon or attach.  Then several options will appear starting from documents, camera, gallery, audio, location and contacts.  Select the location icon, and share our current location.

 After pressing 'Share Current Location', we will get an advanced information box.  In the box will be notified that the recipient will receive the location we share.  Then select the 'Continue' option.

 Next, a box will appear containing an optional time period for the location sharing to be valid.  Choose the longest location sharing time, which is 8 hours.  Then press and select 'Next'.

 Next we return to the chat room or speech bubble.  Next, the location that we have shared with the HP number that is being lost will appear.

 The next way to track a lost cellphone via WA is to click on the location that has been shared.  In the options box, select the box that says View current location.  Then the location that was sent will appear on the recipient's cellphone, and the recipient's cellphone will automatically know our location.  Then just click get directions, and go to Google Maps.  Google Maps will then direct us to get the location of the lost cellphone.

 In addition to searching for lost cellphones by tracking lost cellphones via WA, there are several other ways that can be done.

 How to Track Lost Cellphone with IMEI

 IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, which is the identity number on every smartphone.  Usually consists of 15 to 16 digits.  The IMEI number can be found on the inside of the phone, after the battery.

 Already able to check the IMEI number, we can see the 'About Device' menu in the smartphone settings or you can also type the number *#06#.  After that usually the IMEI number will appear on the screen.  Then what is the way to track a lost cellphone with IMEI?  Indeed, the method is a bit complicated and not as easy as other methods, but how to track a lost cellphone with IMEI is a safe way.  Because privacy and other data will remain safe and secure.

 After knowing the IMEI number, the next step in how to track a lost cellphone with IMEI is to call the smartphone operator's call center and report that our cellphone is lost, and notify the cellphone number and smartphone IMEI number to the operator.  The operator will also notify the whereabouts of our cellphones.

 But what must be noted and remembered is that this one way can be done if our lost cellphone has an internet connection, GPS, and the cellphone is turned on along with the SIM card still in it.  If the cellphone is turned off and the SIM number has been changed, the cellphone will not be found.  This is a disadvantage of using IMEI.

Application to Track Lost Cellphone HP

In addition to how to track a lost Android cellphone with a cellphone number, we can also track Android by using several applications that were created to track cellphones.  The following is a list of applications that can be used to track a lost cellphone.

 1. Find My Device

 The first application that we can use to find a lost cellphone is Find My Device.  One of the most widely used applications for tracking lost android phones.  In addition to tracking lost cellphones, this application also allows us to lock smartphones remotely and minimize the possibility of bad things happening.

 In addition to minimizing the possibility of harm, another goal is to protect privacy and important data on HP.  As we know, HP is currently one of the most important tools that store many important things.  When our cellphones are lost, we simply turn on Find My Device in the browser and the application will immediately find the location of our lost cellphone.  As long as the lost cellphone has an internet connection.

 2. Find My Mobile

 After Find My Device, the next mobile tracking application is Find My Mobile.  This application is a default application for Samsung HP.  Because the Samsung company has its own tracking and security service, namely Find My Mobile.  So when our cellphones are lost we just use another Samsung cellphone to track our lost cellphones.

 The method is quite easy, we have to go to Settings > Biometrics and security > Find My Mobile.  After that, we can choose send last location to see where our smartphone is or our cellphone is lost.  We can also control a lost cellphone remotely by using the Remote unlock feature available in this application.

 3. Family Locator

 The next application that can be used to track a lost cellphone is Family Locator.  As the name suggests, this application can track the whereabouts of our family or people closest to us, with a note that each family member or closest person must both have an account in this application.

 The interesting thing is, this application will not only provide the location of family members in real time but can also tell the location history for the past seven days of each family member.  So if our smartphone or cellphone is lost, we just need to borrow the cellphone of our closest family member, and we can immediately find out the whereabouts of our lost cellphone.

 4. Life360

 Life360 is the next lost smartphone tracking application that we can use.  In fact, this application has been dubbed the all-in-one tracking app or a multi-functional tracking application.  This is due to the ability of Life360 to support the group tracking feature.  We can create a group together with family or close friends.

 So, when a cellphone is lost, through the created group, we can immediately track and find it using the Life360 feature called a private map.  Not only tracking, Life360 also has features to call an ambulance, accident detection, and other useful features.

 5. Lost Phone Tracker

 The next cellphone tracker application is an application that can not only track the whereabouts of a cellphone but can also share location information with other android users.  Los Phone Tracker has a similar way of working with Find My Device.

 Tracking lost cellphones using this application can also provide notifications to lost devices.  In addition, there is also a remote controller to lock the cellphone and also factory reset.

 6. Where's My Droid

 The next application is Where's My Droid.  This application can help us find a lost cellphone, because it has advanced and powerful features.  This application can also track the whereabouts of a lost cellphone using GPS.  The GPS feature will later be able to provide notifications if the lost cellphone is in a low or weak state.

 If our cellphone is lost because it was stolen, using this application we will find out that our cellphone has been replaced by a SIM card by the thief.  Because, if the cellphone is lost due to a fall, it is impossible for another person to replace the SIM card except for the purpose of taking over the cellphone.  Through this application this can be known and will provide notifications.

 That's an explanation of how to track a lost cellphone, we can use some of the options described above.  Plus there are also several applications that can also provide assistance to track the whereabouts of our lost cellphones, whether it's dropped or stolen.  But keep in mind, the steps above do not apply to those of you who are looking for a tutorial on how to track a lost iPhone.

 But it's good for us to keep our cellphones well, because in today's digital era, almost every activity depends on and uses cellphones.

 Therefore, take care of electronic items such as cellphones by providing extra protection.  The cell phone that you buy at a price of millions should get smartphone insurance.  Besides being lost, you never know what will happen to your favorite gadget.  Whether it's dropped, the screen is cracked, scuffed, or damaged.